A Drop in the Downpour
Hello, I'm Tyler, a strange nineteen year old from the east coast that kills way too much time on this site. I'm addicted to anime, video games (pokemon, kingdom hearts, persona, final fantasy, golden sun), a bunch of changing tv shows, books and reading, art, and numerous other things. I'm insanely shy and tend to lurk a lot. I'm easily amused, but stupid people really bother me. The easiest way to define me would be nerd. I get bored often so I come on here and get distracted from whatever I'm supposed to be doing. Feel free to talk to me if you want I like conversing with people that share interests with me. Follow/Look at my personal blog here. So yeah, here's my face if that's a thing you want to see.
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"you are what you eat"



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want emancipation? beat me in a race
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what if the character in the persona 5 trailer wasnt the protagonist and just dies 2 seconds into the story. pans over to yu narukami. another murder has happened. reveal of persona 4 platinum

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DNA Base Pairs by Beatrice the Biologist, lovely.

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Dear god, that would be EVEN WORSE.

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phenomenal comment chain on a lyric video for nicki minaj’s verse from Monster
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